The Propneut browser extension

We are still very beta. If you decide to try our extension, please be patient if you encounter problems :).

Getting the extension...

The extension is currently only available for the Google Chrome browser. If it seems like people find the extension useful we will release it for other browsers as well....
Click here to download for Google Chrome browser

What is it?

Have you ever encountered a webpage where you felt the information on that page was unaccurate, biased or maybe even untrue?

Using the Propneut extesion you can 'neutralize' the misinfo by posting links to other wepbages that present a different view.
Other Propneut users visiting the same page will then get notified that the information presented there may be disputed, and will be presented with a list of all suggested alternative pages.

So, in a way, Propneut is similar to other 'truth checking' extensions, like for example NewsGuard. The difference is while NewsGuard has a group of people doing a 'truth check' for you, Propneut lets the users post alternating views and then YOU make the decision what seems to be closest to the 'truth'.

You can start using the Propneut extension as it is, but if you want to post alternatives to a webpage you will have to be a registered user.